RealPlayer Stations


InfoRadio, Germany
Deutsche Welle, Germany
CBC Radio One, Canada
KCMO, Kansas City, MO

Alternative - top alternative
Magnitude Network - Alternative
Virgin Radio, UK
3WK Underground Radio - The X - Techno
KCRW, Santa Monica, CA
The Womb, Miami, FL
GoGaGa Radio
KVCH, San Jose, CA
KKDA, Dallas, TX
KDGE, Dallas, TX
Groovetech Radio
Global Media Station A
Global Media Test Pattern
Global Media The Edge


Magnitude Network - Country
Country 105, Calgary, Alberta - 60s Country
KPLX, Dallas, TX - Route 1


Magnitude Network - Pop - top pop
KISS 100, UK
Radio Z, Switzerland
Hot FM, Germany
FM-YY, Japan
KUBE 93, Seattle, WA
KRUF, Shreveport, LA
DiscJockey.Com All-Hits Channel
DiscJockey.Com 80s Experience - 80s Hits - HITS
KKZN, Dallas, TX
Global Media Pop-O-Matic
Global Media Kool Hits
Global Media Phat Ones
Global Media Urban Groove
Global Media Clubhouse


Magnitude Network - Rock - top rock
Rockwave 89 FM, São Paulo, Brazil
KJR-FM 95.7, Seattle, WA - Vintage Rock
KRZR, Fresno, CA
Global Media Rock Solid - Adult Rock


CBC Radio Two, Canada
Radio Canada - La Chaîne Culturelle
Radio Canada - La Première Chaîne
WFMT, Chicago, IL
WKSU, Kent, OH - Symphony - Quiet Classics
KING FM, Seattle, WA


Beach FM, Tokyo, Japan
WBGO, Newark, NJ
KSDS Jazz 88.3 FM, San Diego, CA - Café Jazz - Smooth Jazz
Radio Free New Orleans


Radio Sunshine, Switzerland - Latin
Radio Agrovia, Switzerland - Celtic


WINZ, Miami, FL
WIBC, Indianapolis, IN
WFLA, Tampa, FL
KLIF, Dallas, TX
WBAL, Baltimore, MD
WOR, New York, NY
KOGO, San Diego, CA
Talk America
C-SPAN Radio 90
KXLY, Spokane, WA


KFAN, Minneapolis, MN
KTCK, Dallas, TX
XTRA, San Diego, CA
WQAM, Miami, FL
WTAE, Pittsburgh, PA
WQXI, Atlanta, GA
KNBR, San Francisco, CA
WDFN, Detroit, MI
WHBQ, Memphis, TN


Christian Pirate Radio
WAVA, Washington, DC
Today's Christian Music
KKLA, Los Angeles, CA
KWRD, Dallas, TX

Capitol Records
Universal Studios Online
Fox Sports
Hollywood Online
CNET Today - Technology News
NBC VideoSeeker
ESPN Sports
Windows Media Showcase
TV Guide Entertainment Network
Internet Radio Guide
What's On Now
CNN Videoselect
Fox News
Warner Bros. Hip Clips
CNBC Dow Jones Business Video


Customize Links
Free Hotmail


Create Your First VB Project
VB Tips and Tricks
Database Design The Semantic Modeling Approach
DevX VB Pro 10-Minute Solution
ZDNet d e v e l o p e r Build SQL Statements with the Form Collection

Mobile Favorites

Microsoft Windows CE Web Site
Microsoft Pocket PC Home Page
Slashdot News for nerds, stuff that matters



Companies Online Channel


Microsoft Investor

The Forbes Channel

The Channel

The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition

PULP PHANTOM - Downloads - PC - Utilities - Security & Encryption - Security Setup - Downloads - PC - Utilities - Security & Encryption - Security Focus Pager - Downloads - PC - Utilities - Security & Encryption - Retina - Downloads - PC - Utilities - Security & Encryption - Password Recovery Toolkit - Downloads - PC - Utilities - Security & Encryption - Password Maker - Downloads - PC - Utilities - Security & Encryption - Advanced NT Security Explorer
Coeli - Stella 2000 Turn your PC into a virtual observatory - ZDNet Downloads



Comics Channel

Hollywood Online

MTV Online

NBC Daily


From ICQ


Index of -~mario-html-security



Trinux A Linux Security Toolkit
slinux - The Secure Internet OS
tomsrtbt home page


Linux IP Firewalling Chains
Securing Linux, Part 1 - Setting up a Firewall and Proxy Server

PHP - The Resource For PHP Developers


Windows-style File and Print Services with Samba
Unx printer compatibility database listing
Using Samba - O'Reilly


Squid Web Proxy Cache

LinuxWorld - Putting Linux to Work
Linux page of Uwe F. Mayer
Linux and the Intel EtherExpress Pro 100B
Basic Linux Training - Basic Linux Index
FREESCO - free replacement for commercial routers support
Welcome to the RPM repository on linusp
Linux SQL Databases and Tools
Linux Trustees (ACL) project
Dr.Bob's Kylix Kicks
Welcome to the RPM repository on
penemo - Perl Network Monitor
PingCheck Development Page - Network Utilities Webmin Module
OpenNMS - Free and Open Network Management Software
mon- Service Monitoring Daemon
Home of the QuickPage SNPP package! - The Public Linux Archive
__Firewall - common Log Messages
__PHP -- ZDNet d e v e l o p e r Matches Made in Heaven Integrating PHP with Database Servers
NTFS for Linux (Alpha)




Microsoft® Certified Professional Web site - Microsoft® Certified Solutions Developer
Microsoft Training & Certification - Course 1502 Designing and Implementing a Data Warehouse Using Microsoft SQL Server 7.0
Microsoft Training & Certification - Course 1634 Accelerated Training for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0
Microsoft Training & Certification - Course 2151 Microsoft Windows 2000 Network and Operating System Essentials


Digital Dashboard
Building Database Web Solutions with Access 2000
Microsoft Digital Nervous System - Digital Dashboard Starter Kit - Microsoft Digital Nervous System
T-shirts for Tips!

Windows NT

Windows NT Home [Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0; Communications; Networking; Enterprise Applications; Web Services; Applicat
Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6 [Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0; Service Pack 6; SP6; 128-bit; high encryption; high security;
Web Events
Microsoft Windows NT Service Packs
SANS Projects - SANS Institute Windows 2000 Security Improvement Project

Microsoft Excel Viewer 97
Using DHTML and Active Server Pages for Distributed Web Applications
Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Performance Tuning Guide

Microsoft Channel Guide

Microsoft Internet Explorer


Insight - extendnet vpn remote access pc server 10 simultaneous conn

News and Technology


CNN Interactive

Snap! Online

The CNET Channel

The New York Times






ASP Help
ASPWire - The Ultimate ASP News Source
Active Server Pages
ASP Hole ASP Resources for Web Professionals
Free ASP Resources
Simple ASP Authentication System
New Page 2 - Viewing and Printing Access Reports with ASP and-or VisualBasic - Listing the Tables in an Access MDB Database Using ASP - Paging through Records using a Stored Procedure - Protecting Everything - Scheduling the Execution of an ASP Script - The low-down on includes - Using Server-Side Directives - VBScript to JavaScript translations, Part I - Iterating Through the Form Contents Using JScript - Writing a COM Object with VisualBasic 6
Active Server Developer's Journal - US Preview Issue Offer
ASP 3.0 Object Model
ASPWatch Building ASP Components with Visual Basic 6 by Charles Carroll
Beginning HTML at HTML Goodies


Voodoo's Intro to JavaScript
December 8, 1999 - HTML Applications (HTAs)
WDVL JavaScript Tutorial for Programmers
Beginner's Guide to JavaScript - ®


SQL Server - Experts Page
SQL Server Home - Books, FAQ, Script Library Microsoft_Sql_Server
Index SQL Server FAQ

DevX - The leading online information service for Visual Basic, Java, C++, Enterprise, and Internet developers
 ASP 101 - The place where ASP developers GO!
ASP Tips Use GetString whenever you can!
Building an Internet Database Drilldown Application, Part 4
Creating an Event Calendar
Creating User Polls
Two Ways To Protect Your ASP Page -The ASP resource on the web!
How to Make a Web Messaging Client via ASP - The Webmaster's Reference Library Web Site Design Tips and Tutorials

RedHat Linux support


Netcraft - What's that site running
L0pht Heavy Industries
___TechCourses - LivePlay Courses


MCSE Exchange Training
MCSE Networking Essentials
MCSE NT 4.0 Core Tech
ITTutor Free MCSE and MCSD training.
__How to Fix Exchange No Backy upy
__TechCourses - Proceed.
SQL Server WorldWide User's Group (SSWUG.ORG)

Windows Software

___Welcome to WinSite! The place for shareware, demoware, trialware, tips, and utilities for your computer
__America OffLine__
__MSN PalmTop Winners List

VBWire Mobile Channel

SQLWire Mobile Channel


Radio Station Guide
Web Events
__Weather - WFTV Channel 9 Orlando Early Warning Doppler 9000 Radar Network Your DSL and Broadband Resource Center - DSL Lookup Service - An Introduction to Regular Expression with VBScript - Displaying Images that Reside in a Database - Form Validation using JavaScript - Increasing the Performance of your ASP Pages
Acronym lookup
All America Auto Transport (800)-CAR-SHIP
AstroArts Homepage
Automated and Manual Software Testing Tools and Services
BeOS 5 Information and Download
Bootdisk - Everything for the IT Professional
Calamaris Home Page
Casio - Windows CE information -
Cellular Phone Accessories from DirectWireless
ClockIt v1.3.56 for Windows95-NT 4.0 - Timer that totals the time you spend working on a project, freeware - Downloads - PC - Drivers - BIOS & System Updates - BeOS 5 Personal Edition
Compaq ActiveAnswers - System Configurator
Compaq Contura Aero Stuff
Computer Presentation Systems Pricing
Computer Problem Solving
Computer TIPs
Courses and Schedules - Search
DAT Updates -- Download Now
Data Communications Online Home Page
December 8, 1999 - HTML Applications (HTAs)
Developing Applications with the Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Data Object Wizard
Downloads home - PocketPC
Dr.Bob's Kylix Kicks
Dynamic Drive- Tip of the day Dialog
Earth and Moon Viewer
Excel 97 Spreadsheet File Viewer
Excel Password Recovery
Extended Systems Software Downloads
Fujitsu Computer Products of America
FWTK Docs and Tutorials
Getting Started with Visual Basic
Greyware Launches Detour IP Redirector
Happy Puppy - Windows - Final Fantasy VIII -
Help Desk Online - In The News
How to set up IIS to use a domain user for the anonymous web user
HTML Goodies - JavaScript Primers
HTML Goodies - PERL Primer
i386 the NT Source... Electronic IT Reference Books. 1000's of digital titles online! Download Products
Index of -ftp
InformationWeek IT Salary Advisor
Insight - CWROMA1
Insight - hp co 8gb int ide drv
Insight - imation travan tr-4 4gb-8gb cartridge 1 pack
Instant Firewall script
Internet explorer crashing and expoits
Internet Traffic Report
Introducing Visual CE -- Database Application Builder
Intrusion Detection FAQ
IPSentry Network Monitoring Software and Server Monitoring Software - Home
Java Getting Started
JobStar--Computer & Engineering Salary Surveys
Join the ProcessTree Network
Known NT Exploits
Large Format Plotter File Library
Linux Resource Kit
Linux Security Administrator's Guide
Linux SQL Databases and Tools
Linux VPN Masquerade HOWTO
Linux with LAptop Computers - LiLAC - Setting up a Firewall and Proxy Server Shareware, Freeware, Demos and Betas
LinuxApps - If you can't find it here, you won't find it anywhere !!
Little Aero Page
LKL Innovations, Ltd., Manufacturer of the Original Self Locking Swiss-Tech MicroTechnician
Macromedia Software
Mad-Techies® File Viewer
Master of Science in Computer Information Systems - Regis University
Microsoft BackOffice - Download-Order Service Pack 3 - Exchange Server 5.5 - Microsoft BackOffice
Microsoft Download Center
Microsoft Events
Microsoft Office Developer Forum - Microsoft Outlook 97 Automation Server Programming Model
Microsoft Office Developer Forum - Microsoft Outlook Articles and Sample Applications
Microsoft TechNet ServiceDesk
Microsoft® Certified Professional Web site - Microsoft® Certified Solutions Developer
Motorola iDEN Group - An MP3 Christmas - Ernesto Cortazar
MSDSonline - an data service
NATO Official Homepage
Net T&C
NetScanTools Use common TCP-IP tools together - ZDNet Downloads
Network Monitoring Software and Server Monitoring Software - Download
New Horizons - Locations
Newsgroup Article web - Network Utilities Webmin Module
NovaStor - NovaNet 8 for Windows 95-98-NT-2000 SCSI
Open Security Solutions
Oracle Technology Network
OSA Tutorial
Overview of Building SQL Server Applications
Paradox Year 2000 Readiness
pcAnywhere 9.0 Windows95-98-NT
Personal Computing
PoPToP - The PPTP Server for Linux
PostCryptum email encryption sofware
Product Intel Server Platform w- Four Intel Pentium II Xeon Processors 400MHz (New)
Product Search - WinSQL 3.5 Lite
Psionic Software, Inc
Pulling Images From A Database
Q148732 - XADM Setting TCP-IP Port Numbers for Internet Firewalls
Q176466 - XGEN TCP Ports and Microsoft Exchange In-depth Discussion
Quake 3 Arena
ReadMe for Samba-iX support
Root Prompt -- Nothing but Unix
RPM of Group Networking
s'0niraM Crackz page!
Salary Survey Sites
Security Links
ServerObjects Inc. HomePage
Shields UP! -- Internet Connection Security Analysis
Small Linux - Small Kernel Project
SQL Server Home - Books, FAQ, Script Library
Squid Web Proxy Cache
Ssystem OpenGL Solar System Simulator
Story Are You Next How to Protect Your Site from Denial-of-Service Attacks
Success Automation - Files
SWISS-TECH™ by LKL Innovations
SWYNK.COM Uncovering Linked Servers
Talking E-mail Text-To-Speech Engines
Technical Guidelines For Schools
Technical Links
Technical Resources Networking-related web links, white papers, articles, and other useful documents and references from MSI C
The Access Web - Welcome
The Dialectizer
The Stored Procedure
TINY Linux - download
Universal Data Access Using ADO - Visual Basic Explorer
VERITAS Software Support Services
Visual Basic Explorer - A Place for the Novice VB Programmer
Visual Basic Links
Visual DataFlex Evaluation Download Form
VLUG -- Loads of Linux Links
Welcome to ISP
Welcome To sql index
Welcome to Tech Data!
Welcome to WindoWatch
Welcome to Zope
Westtek Products Page
Win32 Unx Utility Ports
Windows API Guide
Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6a [Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0; Service Pack 6a; SP6a; Intel x86]
Windows NT Tips, Tricks and Registry Hacks. JSI, Inc is your Windows NT Resource
WircSrv IRC Server for Windows
ZDNet d e v e l o p e r JS Survival Kit Part 2
ZDNet d e v e l o p e r Working with Access Data in FrontPage
ZDNet FireCracker Home Control Kit -- PC Magazine First Looks
ZDNet Story New Features for Old Favorites
Zone Labs - Essential, Always-On Internet Security
Q206019 - FP2000 ASP Web Wizard 2000 for Databases Available for Download
Microsoft Download Center - DirectX 70.a
IQDestination Laptop Loser
RealPlayer Home Page
Doug Engelbart 1968 Demo
DevX Discussion Groups
ZDNet Story Crunch This! How to Get More From Excel is the Premier Destination for Animated 3D Greetings, Print Projects, Art and Photos.
Stormer's Cgi-Perl Archive - free cgi, freewebpage, Tucb, Solena Sol, Dream Catcher, perl, Dansie, 57 scripts FREE
Wireless Windows Remote Administration
Inside Microsoft Access - Home Page
Computing.Net - Supercalc to Excel conversion assistance.
Dialin to Ascend via Linux PPP
Appendix B Standard .EXE Files and Associated DLLs
L0phtCrack Downloads
EFF Publications - Bruce Sterling - Hacker Crackdown Archive
___SLX Bug List
_ Convert Doc Formats -- The TOM-Cable server