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This is one of the neatest pictures we found while cleaning out my Grandfather's house.  From left to right we have my Uncle, my Grandmother, my Mom and I.  Both my Uncle and I have a deep love for music and our moms.
Wedding Day April 19, 1968 Mom and Dad on a Trip to Reno, NV
Mom and Dad at the house Mom and the rose bushes she planted and cared for out in front of the house
Mom and my Uncle's First Wife Jan
Did I mention my Mom was a great baker?
Mom's Baby Shower
Yep, that is me and my Mom.  I find this picture very interesting, because of what I am holding.  It is a small cross with a baby kneeling and praying, I still have that cross. My mom could always make me smile when I was a tot.  I let it be my job to make her smile when I grew up.
Mom and I carving the "Great Pumpkins" Summer 1982 Trip to Eagan, MN to visit my Grandparents
Another Eagan, MN photo Christmas 2000 -- Momma Claus
Christmas 1999
Did I mention she was really surprised by the computer?
Christmas 1999
Boy, she loves her new toy!
Custom Desktop Wallpaper no less!
Thanksgiving 1998
Mom and Tico
Thanksgiving 1998
Mom, Tico and Me