• Men's Health Magazine - Men's Health Magazine Online - Search through past issues, read current articles - Great Site
  • CDDB - Online Database of CD's Search by Artist, Title, Song.  Has links to purchase CD's too.
  • Ibanez Guitars - Ibanez Guitar Web Site all the models with complete specs.
  • Fender Guitars - Fender Guitar Site - very cool.
  • Libertarian Party Home Page - Yes, I am a Libertarian, I don't believe in some of the more radical ideas, but over all I tend to agree with the party's views.
  • Lake County Sheriff's Office
  • Florida Department of Law Enforcement
  • FDLE Sex Offenders for Lake County, FL
  • The Hunger Site - Visit this site, just one click will donate food to hungry people who really need it. - thanks Walter for leading me to this.
  • Consumer Information Center - Yes, it is the Pueblo Colorado Consumer Info Center Online!
  • The H. P.. Lovecraft Archive - The source for H. P.. Lovecraft information.
  • The Work and Life of Edgar Allan Poe - Works of Edgar Allan Poe, one of the most gifted writers of American literature, many of his short-stories and poems can be read on line and searched.
  • The Public 8 Ball - Ask the Web's Magic 8 Ball anything...
  • Darwin Awards - Celebrate Charles Darwin's theory of evolution by commemorating the remains of those who improved our gene pool by removing themselves from it.
  • Dilbert Online - Yes, a Computer Geek page could not be complete with out at least one Dilbert reference.
  • WJRR The Rock Station - The only current rock station in the area.
  • WHTQ The Classic Rock Station - The classic rock station in the area.
  • 107.7 The Bone - Great rock station in San Francisco, Ca.
  • BabelFish - AltaVista has a translator too. Works on complex stuff too.
  • The Dialectizer - Hilarious site can "translate" dialects! Redneck, Hacker, Swedish chef! Too Funny!!!
  • Reflex Tester - Check your reflex times!
  • Lyrics.com - Site that organizes links to song lyrics.
  • Despair, Inc. - Home of the "DeMotivational" Posters! Way to funny, way to true.
  • The Onion - Hilarious Online Newspaper! 100% Spoofs of the current news!
  • AIM Express - AOL Instant Messenger in Java! Stores Buddy Lists on the web. I am DiJiBuh
  • EasyCam - Great Site for finding web cams!
  • Dictionary.com - Online Dictionary! Way useful!
  • How Stuff Works - Reveals how all kinds of stuff works. From car parts to FBI tools, this site has got your 'I always wondered how...' questions covered!
  • Earth Impact - Hobbyist Site about Meteors, Comets, etc
  • Meteorite.com - Assorted info about collecting and authenticating meteorites
  • MySimon - Shop online and compare prices! Give you a huge list of web shops that have what you are looking for and lists the prices! All Good.
  • Classmates.com - Find your classmates! This one has been around a long time and has a TON of names - great resource for finding that long lost friend
  • Reunion.com - Find your classmates! Has not been around as long as Classmates, but has a growing number of names -- sign up!
  • SoftHome.net - Web-based email client


  • Amazon.com - You can't help but buy stuff!!!
    In Association with Amazon.com
  • Buy.com - More Stuff to dig up online for cheap!
  • eBay - *The* auction site on the web.

Search Sites

Computer Geek Stuff

  • Slashdot.org - News for Nerds, Stuff that matters
  • B.O.F.H. - The Bastard Operator From Hell. Tech support junkies will love this one. End users won't find it very funny at all...
  • Get YOUR I Hacked Microsoft Shirt - This is too funny to pass up!
  • Microsoft TechNet Online - Tons of technical information on all MS products
  • TechTales - Hilarious Tech Support Stories!
  • ThinkGeek - All kinds of Geek related items, shirts, stickers, etc.
  • Hardware Central - "Your source for in-depth computer hardware info."
  • Tom's Hardware Guide - Has everything hardware from new product reviews, columns , and component guides
  • Download.com - Another Great site eaten by CNet...
  • eXTReMe Tracking - Track all kinds of website statistics - FREE
  • JunkFest - All Kinds of Cool Stuff (RMA's mostly...  CHEAP!!!)
  • DriverGuide.com - Good Information Source for Finding Drivers
  • Distributed.net - Tie into the BIGGEST distributed processing venture ever.

  • Distributed Computing
  • RouterGod - The Online mag for Cisco Professionals.
  • DSL Reports - See if DSL is available in your area, do line speed testing
  • VNC - Virtual Network Computing! Multiplatform remote control tool.
  • World Time Server - See what time it is in any major city in the world!
  • WDG HTML Help Site - Great Resource for HTML Tag Reference, and tutorials
  • WDG HTML Validator - Check your HTML against standards. See why things don't quite work the same for all browsers.
  • PDABuzz.com - Lots of info on PDA devices. The raging battle of Plam, CE, PocketPC, and Embedded Linux.
  • Mozilla.Org - The home of Mozilla - one of the first gui browser is still around!
  • Amaya - The W3C's own standards based browser. They use this to test for compliance. Also has a page creation tool.
  • Windows 2000 Magazine's Developer's Channel - Discussions, Columns and Scripting/Programming Topic Sections. Good resource!
  • ASCII Moo! - ASCII Art Cows!
  • IconBazarr - TONS of Icons! Mostly GID format!

Linux Stuff

  • Linux Documentation Project - The Name says it all. Great source for docs on that one proggy you just can't quite figure out.
  • GNome Basic - GNome's attempt at Visual Basic Compatibility for the GNome Desktop Environment. Worth watching. They have done some neat stuff in the past.
  • BlueFish HTML Editor - Nice looking HTML editor for Linux based on the GTK toolkit.
  • XFce - Killer Window Manager/Desktop Environment for Unix. Based loosely on TWM and CDE.
  • KDE - Spiffy Desktop Environment for *nix
  • GNome - Nice Stable Desktop Environment for *nix
  • Linux-Hacker.net - Stuff for the hardware hacker who loves to get Linux running on anything from the Netpliance I-Opener to the MailStation
  • RPMFind - Search for RPM files on Rufus! Great resource for finding those hard to find libraries and binaries in RPM format.
  • Kegel - List of Linux links and programming tutorials
  • Webmin - Web-Based Administrative Tool for *nix.
  • LinuxApps.com - Great site for all kinds of apps for Linux.
  • Immunix - Stackguarded Linux -- Very Secure!!!
  • All Linux Devices - Your Daily Source for Embedded Linux Information
  • Kernel.org - Distribution center for the Linux Kernel.
  • Linux Performance Tuning - Lots of hints, tips and tricks for bleeding the best performance out of you Linux computer.
  • TuneLinux - Another site for tuning Linux performance.
  • GNU's Not Unix - Home of the GNU project. Great listing of app and source code
  • FreeSCO - Small Linux Router (Means "Free Cisco")
  • Samba - *nix Implemenation of MS Server Message Block protocol that Window uses for file and printer sharing
  • Unix printer compatibility database listing
  • Using Samba - O'Reilly - Full Contents of the book online
  • LinuxWorld - Putting Linux to Work - Useful Articles on getting Linux up and running in a corporate LAN environment

Linux Distributions

  • Mandrake - Currently running my home PC
  • Redhat - Great for servers
  • Immunix - Stack Guarded Linux, better for servers
  • Caldera - Previously running at home
  • Slackware - First Distribution I ever tried out back in the 1.2 days
  • PhatLinux - Loop Distib (Runs as a Single File in your Windows Partition) has X preconfiged with KDE and loads of apps - good for the first time Linux user
  • Debian - Personally, I have never used it, but I hear that it is one of the most "True to the GNU" distribs

Computer Security

Alternate Operating Systems

  • QNX - The QNX Operating System - Potential Windows Killer?
  • Be Incorporated - Another OS hurt by Microsoft business practices, they used to make a really nice OS called BeOS.  Just a damn shame.
  • Infreno OS - Small OS for distributed apps and embedded devices. Created by Bell Labs.
  • Plan 9 OS - General Purpose OS for Distributed computing. Created by Bell Labs.



  • LearnASP.com - Full Tutorial Online over 250 lessons.
  • 4GuysFromRolla.com - Another great ASP site
  • DevX - The Developer's Exchange info on many languages ASP, VB, Java, C++
  • ASP101.com - Has some content from LearnASP.com, but still unique in many ways.
  • MSDN - Microsoft's MSDN Site... get info on dev from the horses mouth
  • Planet Source Code - The "largest public programmer database on the Internet with 1,256,841 lines of code, articles and tutorials, as well as 30,948 open job postings!" Good place to look for examples and tutorials when you are just stuck on a project.
  • VB2TheMax - VB tips, Code Bank, Technical Articles
  • VBWorld - Contains VB technical articles that range from beginning tutorials to database access and ADO, code samples, and an online VB forum and the VB-World newsletter
  • FreeVBCode.com - Downloadable VB source-code examples, the site actively solicits code examples from visitors, so the list continues to grow. The site also offers an online forum and a newsletter.
  • EzVB - Code samples, general VB programming resources, a VB error-message reference and Win32 API function declarations.
  • Dynamic Drive - GREAT Java Scripts and Applets

Personal Sites

College Sites

Car Stuff

  • Chevrolet
  • Parts Avenue LLC - "Your place to find autoparts, repair manuals, get the latest news, discuss repair questions, and buy and sell parts."
  • Automotive Repair Manuals - Good place to start your hunt for a repair manual for your project car
  • CarLover - Great Internet Discount Car Parts shop. You can find parts for almost any vehicle and great prices on accessories here.
  • Greenwood Chevy - Parts and Restoration info for Chevy and GM, lots of performance parts, too
  • Chevrolet Restoration World - More Chevy Parts

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