Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Wow! What a great show...

The Josh Groban concert was absolutely amazing. This guy has such an incredible voice and is really a nice guy.

We got to meet him during the "Meet and Greet" before the show. We also met the other winner of the essay contest. The whole process is quite simple in fact... Stand here in line. Wait. Once the star comes out, as the lady told us, you are NOT to speak to him, NOT to touch him, in effect do your best NOT to exist...

But to my EXTREME relief - Josh welcomed every one of us with open arms and extended hands.

Josh was very pleased and exciting when he heard that Jenenne used his music in class. He even asked if he could sign his autograph to the class! That was such a blast.

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Friday, January 28, 2005

We get to meet Josh Groban!!!!

Jenenne is a total Josh Groban fan - she is also a member of his fan club...

The fan club ran a "Meet Josh Essay Contest" Wednesday for the show this coming Monday night. Jenenne wrote the best essay I have ever heard. Apparently I was not the only person thoughorghly impressed... She won!!! Here it is:

This contest is an amazing opportunity. To explain in words why I am Josh's biggest fan is a challenge because what he provided for myself, family, and others is beyond words. He created the deepest memories for me and pushed me to realize his silent conversion. I am Josh's biggest fan every time I hear his voice and see the changes that he is making in society. It only takes one idea and the courage to implement it. Without even realizing the impact he makes, Josh managed to bridge the gap between adults and young adults and create a bond in families. These are two crucial aspects in creating a better society and it began the moment he released his first CD. I have seen these changes first hand.

I am a teacher for at-risk youth in high school. I teach the students that no other school wants. At first glance, the initial thought is "These kids will never amount to anything." I am blessed to say that myself and another teacher see the potential of these kids; thus subjecting them to new things. Josh's music was one of them. It is amazing to see a young adult who listens to music ranging from Rap to Punk, sit intently and fix their attention on every note Josh sings. His music creates a stress-free learning environment and the students immediately become exposed to a culture that they would have never been subjected to. Although immense, this is not the only reason why I am Josh's biggest fan.

He created lifelong memories for myself, my husband and my family. His voice played a major role on our wedding day. I walked down the isle to "You're Still You" and walked up the isle as a married couple to "Prayer". His music rang out during dinner and our first dance as a married couple to "You're Still You." Not only did he provide this memory, but he also touched many lives on that day. Weddings in general are magical. He enhanced it. His voice created the beauty, sophistication and tradition that I was so fixed on upholding.

There is yet another way that Josh makes me his biggest fan. He is humble and with all the notoriety and popularity he remains humble. His demeanor truly outshine many artists. Being subject to this provides an alternative that is rarely seen. It is touching to see him and his family reach out to his fans. He is eloquent in his written thanks and sincere in his verbal thanks. Society really needs a man like Josh. In a time of hate, war, low moral standards and loss of hope, Josh pushes these aside for a moment and allows his listeners to lose time and feel serenity.

I am Josh's biggest fan not by counting how many concerts I went to, posters I own or how many times I write on the message board. I am Josh's biggest fan because of what he provided for myself, family and students and what he is providing with every song and every concert.

Way to go Jenenne! I am, as always, very proud of her!

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