Date Log
10/14/2003 After far too long of not touching this car, I did a bit of work to the rear passenger door, I hand sanded the last of the Bondo off. Once I had bare metal, I gave it a nice spray coating of Ospho, mostly to protect it from rusting any as the humiditiy is kinda high around here.
1/15/2001 My buddy Phillip and I were chatting about the car and what I needed to get the body back in stock shape. He was checking out the cracks in the real passenger quarter panel and said "May I?" I said, "Sure." He poked at the crack with the tip of his good ole BAR knife and proudly popped of a rather hefty chunk of BONDO. The car has had some rather cheesy body work done to it already. Someone along the line decided to "fill in" a dent rather than do it right and dolly it out. Yeesh! At least I am not the only newbie to ever touch this car!
11/27/2000 Went by Delta to pickup the wife's car and asked about the cost of the repair to the Caprice. $200. Woohoo! Just waiting to let the cash coffer build up... While I was there asking about it, they had another '68 Caprice there up on the racks. It was a 2 door model, had some bad undercarriage rust, and was getting some engine work done. Kind cool how synchronicity seems to work, eh...
11/6/2000 With the help of Mike(Ky) in a chatroom at I have found the exact problem. A rusted out freeze plug located at the extreme back of the engine, between the engine and the transmission. In order to fix the plug, I must separate the engine and transmission. YIKES!!! This is no job for this shadetree enthusiast. It will be going to my friends at Delta Automotive in Fruitland Park. Knowing is half the battle though. I just am glad to be getting closer to having this car on the road again.
10/19/2000 Just got the manual in the mail! Woohoo! Now I have some sort of guide as to the specs to this car. Gonna start working on it real soon. I can't wait to get this car on the road again!!!
10/17/2000 Talked to my Dad while on vacation in CA.  He told me that the valves covers have never been off the engine.  He is positive that no major work has ever been done on the car.  Wow...
10/14/2000 Found a Maintenance Manual for the car on eBay.  Bid and won it!  $8.95 with shipping.  I will get so much use out of this book it is not even funny.
9/27/2000 Took some pics of the car with the Mavica from work.  Still have not fixed the leak. This weekend will be the weekend.  I miss driving this car.
6/30/2000 Pulled the car into the garage and up on ramps.  Found the leak to be a crack in the bottom of the tranny's bell housing.  CARP!  Gotta fix that...  I believe in J.B. Weld...
6/22/2000 Maiden Voyage for the Caprice!!!  Drove into Leesburg, got the car registered, and noticed a small puddle under the car.  It smelled like coolant, but I went ahead and fired her up.  I got about 2 miles, then the HOT light came on.  I pulled off the highway, and around back of a car wash (I assumed they had a water hose of some kind.).  With none to be found, I locked up the car and walked to the nearest store, grab 4 gallons of water and waddled back to the car.  Poured in the first one and noticed water running right out the bottom of the car.  I hopped to the ground and noticed it pouring from the middle of the oil pan / transmission area.  YIKES! Time to test out the old Nextel.  Called AAA and got the car towed to the house.
6/10/2000 Discovered not to use "NuFinish" on a 30 year old car!  I tried it out on a freshly washed section of the hood.  It pulled down to the base primer.  Ouch!
6/8/2000 Got a call from the truck driver, who told me they accepted ONLY Cashier's Checks and cash...  I had a money order...

After 3 calls, to "Automotive Transport" I found that they were not moving my car, but had pawned the job off to "A & E Auto Transport." Grrr.

The car arrived at about 9:45 that night, it was quite neat to watch them rolling the car off the truck.  It was a 7 car hauler, the Caprice was second from the front on the top.  I gave it the first drive down the road to my house.  It drives as nice as I remember.

6/3/2000 My dad called and told me that they picked up the car.
4/25/2000 Choose Automotive Transport to do the job. $775 for fully insured, open carrier service.
4/24/2000 Got information for shipping the car from Daly City, CA to Leesburg, FL.  A great resource for finding vehicle shipping info is  They have a huge list of companies that will either drive your car for you, ship on open truck, ship enclosed, etc.  The site would be a lot more functional if it were a searchable database, perhaps 5tech should contact them... <g>
4/19/2000 Told my Dad that I wanted the car after my Grandmother passed away.  He did not really believe me, I am under the impression that he really did not want me to have it anyway.  Probably because he thinks this will be my daily driver.   I can understand his feelings, it is an old car, with 118K miles, a good bit for a Chevy.