10/10/2003 50 million record tables can be huge... Give it up for the DNC database...
8/29/2002 Ideas are the lifeblood of commerce.
5/16/2002 New idea:  Do a little bit of the big projects that you want to get done, every day.
3/10/2002 Holy Crap! "The Razor Mephistos" are a real band, no longer chatter in the back of a high school physics room! check out the razor mephistos.com hehe I can say "I knew them when..."
2/27/2002 My Mom passed away this morning at 10:55. My Uncle and I were not there yet. I did spend about an hour with her the night before she passed, my Uncle spent some time with her earlier that day. She will be missed, but I know that she is much better off this way.
2/24/2002 Just finished up moving Jenenne in to my place! Woohoo!!! Love is awesome!
2/16/2002 Just looking very forward to starting my classes this Monday. But I cannot help but wonder if I should stay close to home because of my Mom.
2/9/2002 Boy have I been behind in this "Quote of the Day" thing! Just so much stuff going on!
8/23/2001 I am now officially "Home Alone". Up to day 4 and am still kicking. I can do this!
1/22/2001 I am getting tired of hackers. I can recall a day when DOS stood for Disk Operating System! -- Not Denial Of Service!!! We got hit with a FTP DOS Attack over the weekend! More Power to the Penguin!!! Our Linux based boxen were the only surviving boxes! Poor NT.
1/21/2001 Car fixin' is fun!
1/20/2001 Moo!
1/19/2001 Cheese is good.
1/18/2001 Love can solve anything, for everything else there is PERL!
1/17/2001 Fear not the code monkey!
1/16/2001 When your get up and go has gotten up and left, you better go catch it!
1/15/2001 One must watch one's words carefully for words are the most powerful weapons.
1/14/2001 Unreal Tournament is very kewl.
1/13/2001 Excessive Sleep can be a sign of depression... or you are just REALLY tired!
1/12/2001 Change can be the best motivator for more change. But starting the first change can be a real bitch.
1/11/2001 New response to the classic phrase "Working hard, or hardly working?"
I am working hard because my stuff is hardly working!
1/10/2001 Some psycho old man decided to kill a man based *only* on the color of his skin yesterday in Leesburg. What drives a person to that kind of insane hate. The mans family was aware of the man's feelings, and he had even made the statement "I will take out as many ********* as I can!". What kind of people ignore something like that! God help us all.
1/9/2001 And "I have the enemy flag, heading back to our base!"
1/8/2001 Aside from "The Enemy is Attacking our base!"
1/7/2001 So, there are no "real" thoughts for today.
1/6/2001 I have rediscovered Tribes.
1/5/2001 Think. Use the noodle within!
1/4/2001 Omigosh! Somehow a psycho wife-beating cop-killer got elected to public office!!! What is the world coming to!
1/3/2001 Attack everything anew! It is a new year after all. Reprise your roles and go at things with a new gusto.
1/2/2001 Whoa! Someone left a 9 foot by 6 foot monolith on a hilltop in Seattle! Neat. Nothing quite like ripping off 2001:A Space Oddessey. But overall a very cool statement.
1/1/2001 Welcome to the first day of the new millenium. Seems a lot like yesterday, but feels like tomorrow. Kinda odd, eh?
12/31/2000 3... 2... 1... Happy New Year!
12/30/2000 Tape is the MOST economical data storage media. Sometimes there just isn't enough of the stuff...
12/29/2000 Holy Carp! Y2K is almost over!!! Shocking realization!!!
12/28/2000 Must figure out a better system for the thought of the day. - That is my thought. <g>
12/27/2000 You gotta love the first day back from a 4 day weekend. Nothing to do but catch up on email... Maybe in your world. I added a network segment!
12/26/2000 Merry Day after Christmas! The Biggest most nightmarish shopping day of the year. Eek! Just stay home in bed.
12/25/2000 Merry Christmas!
12/24/2000 No, Fast and Steady Wins the race.
12/23/2000 "Slow and steady wins the race"
12/22/2000 Kittens are cute. Especially when they wake you up in the morning, but should not be in the house...
12/21/2000 Being in charge of your destiny is a nice dream to have.
12/20/2000 Christmas shopping is the bane of the Holiday Season.
12/19/2000 Anniversary time!!! Woohoo 2 years!!!
12/18/2000 The time has come to ask the question that has, for so long, had all of mankind wondering: Where has the time gone!
12/17/2000 Some days you should not get out of bed. Not because of all the potentially bad things that could happen to you, but because it is so cozy!
12/16/2000 Dreams can be windows to your soul.
12/15/2000 A computer geeks day is never done. 27 hours days confirm that.
12/14/2000 McDonald's has too much fun: A sign by the mall:
Now Hiring
Yoyos a great stocking stuffer

12/13/2000 It really pays to have a fresh outlook on life. Sometimes, even you can be surprised by what you see when you take the time to look.
12/12/2000 Sleeping 15 hours is a great way to retaliate against long work hours.
12/11/2000 Speaking of learning, I should learn that working 24 hours days is bad for my mental well being.
12/10/2000 When is the best time to learn? Anytime! You should never stop learning. It has been said that once a person stops learning, they die. (Intellectually at least...) I kind of agree with that. In the spirit of eternal learning... I am re-learning C programming!
12/9/2000 Sometimes it is OK to slack off!
12/8/2000 A day spent with friends is a day well spent.
12/7/2000 Wow, I just turned 25. Amazing that over 1/4 of my life has passed. 25 years, does not sound like much, but it really is. 25 years ago things were WAY different than they are now. Cars were big and dying for gas, computers were HUGE and far out of the reach of the common man. Amazing what time can do. I was really tiny. There was a world awaiting me that I had no idea was there... interesting...
12/6/2000 Boy, it sure is hard to find an Ultra Wide SCSI card in little old Leesburg...
12/5/2000 Is it more important, for an act of proposed wrong, that you 'forgive' yourself, or that the target of the proposed wrong 'forgives' you?
12/4/2000 Never lose your hold on the things that truly matter to you.
12/3/2000 The results are in: Netscape 6 blows. Way bloated, way slow! Yuck!
12/2/2000 Sometimes you should just let things go. Acknowledge, move on!
12/1/2000 Must share with you all. EditPlus RULES! See the links page for more info.
11/30/2000 Downloads are cool...
11/29/2000 Viva CODE!!! Just completed the Web Data Form Wizard! More info will be posted in the upcoming downloads section.
11/28/2000 FrontPage 10 BETA Released!!! Won't run on Linux, but nonetheless, exciting...
11/27/2000 EOF...
11/26/2000 When does self reliance become a problem? Is it when one can no longer rely on oneself, or when one relies too much on oneself?
11/25/2000 My brain has turned to goo, I have spent all day coding. Little Nicky is a funny movie.
11/24/2000 Happy Thanksgiving!!!(2) Today is another day to sit back and sleep off the turkey from yesterday's holiday bingeing!
11/23/2000 Happy Thanksgiving!!! Today is a day to sit back and think about all the things in your life that you are thankful for. My things are my friends, my family, my health, and my work.
11/22/2000 Yahoo has changed it's business indexing. Businesses now must pay $200 to get the privelege to be checked out (not guaranteed posting, mind you, just checked out). Bogus!!!
11/21/2000 Better late than never... unless you are on death row...
11/20/2000 Somedays pays to get out of bed. Usually this day coincide with your pay day...
11/19/2000 When in FL, take the Turnpike for North-South travels. You can haul extreme butt and avoid heavy in town traffic.
11/18/2000 Two Words: ROAD TRIP!!!
11/17/2000 Windows 2000 has some very nice features, and one terribly scary one. Remote administration. YIKES! Too much power for sysadmins to have. A sysadmin can remotely control parts of the OS and PC. That in itself does not sound bad, but considering Microsoft's great security schemes, this is terrifiying.
11/16/2000 A new leaf turning over can have quite an effect on life. The changing of the guard (project-wise) happens today. I begin the adventure of completing and maintaining our SaleLogix CRM System!
11/15/2000 Shocking realization: Today is Wednesday!
11/14/2000 What do you get when you cross a chicken and a cab? I'm not sure, but it smells like scrambled eggs...
11/13/2000 Linux RULES! I have made my move complete on the home front. Still trying to find the perfect Window Manager. XFCE is the WM of the Day!
11/12/2000 Never let close ties die.
11/11/2000 Strength comes in two forms - Physical and Emotional. It is far too easy to build the Physcial, and let the Emotional weaken.
11/10/2000 It takes a strong, secure person to admit ones own failures.
11/9/2000 If at first you don't succeed, throw more hours at it.
11/8/2000 28 Hour workdays SUCK! Sleep is GOOD!
11/7/2000 Virus writers are the scum of the earth. NEVER run attachments in your email that come from unknown persons and/or the person did not willingly send. Also keep your virus definition files up to date! My company got hit with a VBS virus, the GM, and a few other people, double-clicked it and caused a 28 hour workday for myself and my manager. Beware malicious code! Beware Windows Scripting Host!!!
11/6/2000 Trust No one with your personal information, especially credit cards, and ALWAYS keep an eye on your bank/credit card statements! I know that is this basic knowledge, but be wary, it can happen to anyone.
11/5/2000 Little things can hold lots of meanings, especially if they are pocket dictionaries.
11/4/2000 Patience is a virtue, however, virtual patience is not.
11/3/2000 Never trust in things that are beyond your control, or things that are in your control for that matter...
11/2/2000 Treat everyday like a new beginning. Just don't forget where you live... or work... or where you parked your car...
11/1/2000 Accomplishments mean little, when you can't get anything done.
10/31/2000 After seeing the *NSync concert in Sunrise - "Hmm... Dorks on nails..."
10/30/2000 Opinions are like bungholes, everybody has at least one...
10/29/2000 Why put off the things you can do today? Sleep, TV shows, video games...
10/28/2000 Things in the back of your mind, sometimes, should stay there...
10/27/2000 Tripod was having authentication issues last night: Here is a thought for today (sorry so late)...
Always have an alternate plan.
10/26/2000 Modern Day Shakespeare: "What fools these hackers be..."
10/25/2000 Doesn't it just suck when you wipe out a web page by mistake...  Backups are the bomb!
10/24/2000 Lost my train of thought...<g>
10/23/2000 "Don't bullshit a bullshitter".  Where exactly did this come from, and once someone tells you this, should you believe them?

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