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California Vacation 10/2000

3 Generations of Bottaro Men
Acrobat with Table at Circus Circus Casino's Midway in Reno
Acrobat with cage wheel at Circus Circus Casino's Midway in Reno
Canadian Band at the Italian Festival in Reno
Another band at the Italian Festival in Reno
Me with the Brew Brothers Model T
Brew Brothers is a microbrewery in the Eldorado Hotel in Reno
Dad and Irma's Cannibalistic Chicken
My Dad
My Dad at his Birthday Dinner at Nick's in San Francisco
Dad and Irma Birthday Dinner at the Bistro Roxy 
The Bistro Roxy is a great street cafe style restaurant in the Eldorado Hotel
Dad and I at the house
Me in front of the house
The Eldorado Hotel Casino in Reno
The Fountain at the Eldorado Hotel
My Great Aunt Louise, Great Uncle George, and Kristen
My Grandpa and Me
Grape Stomp at the Italian Festival
Grape Stomp Getting Messy
Grape Stomp Entrant Clean Up
View from the Hotel Room
Jessica, Jourdan and Janelle
Jourdan, Janelle and Me
My brother in law, Kenny
My God Parents, Bob and Pam, and my cousin Lisa
The group of us at Nick's
The group of us outside of Nick's
Irma's Cat Panda
Pier 39 in San Francisco
Reno, The Biggest Little City in the World
Pacific Ocean View at Dusk 1
Pacific Ocean View at Dusk 2
Pacific Ocean View at Dusk 3
Stilt Man at the Italian Festival
The Stupidest Road Sign in San Francisco
Irma's cat Tiger
UFO?  They see something...
Singing Waiter at Nick's
Waitress Lighting Irma's Birthday Cupcake
Irma's cat Wendy
My, step sister Wendy and Jessica
Wind man at Italian Festival
Wyland Wall at Pier 39