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I do lots of VB programming. Everything from small personal tools to database applications.

Here is a small sampling of my work. If you are interested in the source code, please contact me.

  • BCP Command Line Creator
    Program to assist SQL Server 7 SysAdmins and users alike to use the command-line based BCP Program for data moving in and out of SQL Server 7
  • NT Boot Disk Maker
    Small program to assist in the creation of Windows NT/2000 boot disks.
  • DJB Talker
    Simple Notepad-ish program that can read to you.
  • DJB MAPI Forwarder
    MAPI forwarding tool which ties to Outlook® and allows the user to forward a user-specified length of a message to a user-specified address. You can tie this proggy to an Outlook® rule, specify the to address, and length of the message to send. I created it so I could forward portions of emails to my cell phone if they met certain criteria for a rule.
  • Self Port Scanner
    An adaptation of a Knowledge Base example on how to check your machine for open ports.
  • File Copy System
    App that will copy all files of a specified type or types from one drive to another, keeping the full path intact. I had to create this to combat the damages done by the PlanColumbia virus. Since NTBackup cannot do a selective (By File Type) restore.
  • Smother
    Simple App that overwrites files. Source Code Only. Still a work-in-progress.

I do TONS of Active Server Pages. All source is in the pages for those who have no idea what an Active Server Page is...

  • CreateCSV
    This ASP creates a downloadable CSV file from an ADO recordset and a page with a link for the file. Just pass the arguments for the database connection to use and the SQL string to run against the database.

I am starting to re-learn C programming. Using only Xedit and gcc I have started down a long and rewarding path. Here is a sample of my C code, everything below is Open Source!

  • sizeof.c
    Ultra simple C program to show the number of bytes allocated to datatypes.
  • 99 Bottles of C++ on the Wall
    Program that generates the "99 bottles of beer" song.  Using functions for just about everything.